Monday, October 02, 2006

Happy October and man am I tired...

Thought I would catch people up...

This weekend I was soo busy I don't know how I'm going to make it threw work today.???

-I went to the Leniway (sp) county fair grounds to shoot horse show pictures in the second ring. Would you believe Scott Weisler asked me to help.. Yes, I am getting paid. It depends on how many people buy pictures.... Anyway - I'll put up the web site when he gets around to uploading them. Too many people there to sell all at the show.
BTW- it was Regionals for the MIHA. Michigan Interscholastic Horsman Association??

Both days, it was a 1:45 minute drive both ways. It rained off and on all day Saturday and that sucked. OH well, Sunday the weather was great and the trail class pictures look really good.

-Court, got pushed back to october. YUCK... Opps, I have to email the laywer..

-Job, Still work at Ritz, get to work 10 hours today... September is a bad month for sales...

-Piggies, everyone is mostly ok. Winslow is on medication again and not happy. Although, he isn't fighting about taking as much as he did a week ago. More medication in him than on him.

-Paintball, missed this weekend as I was at the horse show and Tom didn't want to play in the mud. The weather was awsome on Sunday, but the mud from Saturday rain was probably not that fun to play in. Almost all our friends had other plans anyway.

-oh yeah - School - Looks like I'll be finishing my Masters Degree this Semester... I just have to pay the school... Hmm, they might like that. The class isn't that bad - just a lot of writing. Speaking of which, I'd better run.
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