Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Vet Check

Took Winslow to the vet today.
He is doing well. Still had some bad antibodies and stuff of his Snot slide, but not as bad as last time. Think he is mostly just got fall allergies... or just his permanent allergies.

He KNEW he was at the vet and got a little upset with me. He rumbled in his sleeping bag, and refused to come out of the carrier.

The vet techs were at lunch, so I held him for the exams. I have some teeth indents on my left hand, but I had no bleeding.

We clipped his toenails (one bled a little) and then I got some revolution to use as a preventive messure. I'm not sure if anyone has mites, or anything, but the vet said he has been doing a once a year treatment on all his guinea pigs, so it doesn't hurt. I got the stuff, just need Tom's help to give it to them.

Applied for a couple jobs and REALLY wish I lived closer to Lansing for one job I'd like a lot.
4-H youth agent for Ingham county. Too bad it is soooo far away. I'd have to live there to do it. Considering that Tom goes to Sterling Heights everyday now for work, isn't going to help that situation.
No moving for us...
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