Thursday, February 28, 2008

First Day at School

So how much of the new kid on campus did I feel today?????

It was pretty bad. I was all pyched out that I was going to have to go into the classroom and PERFORM like RIGHT NOW.
That is what it is like to teach, you are Performing!!!!!!!

Anyway, I got really lucky. The principal wanted me to have a couple days to get a feel for the place. I spent today on the Editor.
Ok, it does lots of stuff, but really any machine I have used does what it does.
I did the whole tutorial that shows you how to edit. But the two things it lacked in the tutorial is HOW DO YOU GET THE VIDEO INTO THE MACHINE, and HOW DO YOU GET IT OUT??????
I have a bit of an idea, and My friend is coming tomorrow to help me figure it out. We are going to focus on the studio and see what we can get out of there. I think everything works, but we'll have to try it all, to be able to do anything in there soon.

I get the students on Monday. We'll see how that goes.
Everyone keeps telling me to come in crazy mean, and then you can chill out later.
Wish me luck.
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