Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wonder of Wonders

It seems that there will be a new job in my future.


Ok, basically they offered it to me - I just have to pass muster with the board of education.
Did you catch that? I knew you would.

Yes, I have been offered a teaching job in Ecorse, MI. It is basically off 75 and a little north of Southfield road. ALL the way over by the water. They have the steel plant down on West Jefferson there.

I should start next week. At least I would guess that is the story.
I saw the TV studio - oh yeah - did I mention - I'll be teaching Television production.......

They have some MAJOR equipment in there. I am amazed at what they spent to make this studio. Well, you can't say the kids won't be prepared if they really learn to use it.
They could almost skip Specs Howard with the equipment we have.

The people I have met are REALLY nice.

I should have lots more to tell you next week.
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