Friday, June 27, 2008

Ok, here is the mess

Well, I had been hoping not to fall prey to my old habits and I was really hoping that I could adapt without going crazy, but it seems that it will not be so.

I just spent 2 1/2 hours trying to get that little piece of video on this blog. Of course I started out using the mac laptop. I'm upstairs enjoying life where there are windows and even out on the deck.
But for some reason, blogger and the mac could not get the video to connect correctly and upload.
So, I figured. Ok - I'll quickly convert it to mpeg 4 or avi or whatever else the program would like. I fired up Imovie to see if it was possible. Well, Imovie will not even recognize the little movie that came off the sony camera. The computer could use Quick time to play it, but imovie asked me what???
So, I said - ok I spent money on the final cut edition and lets see what we get there. Fired that puppy up and said - alright import the video. Got that, then took 1/2 hour to read and figure out how to put some titles on the darn thing. They don't have any edge or drop shadow on them. How can you read that on video? - you can't.
I get done and guess what - NO AUDIO. For some reason final cut is losing the audio during the import. Even though the quick time on the computer can see the whole thing. Then I go looking for the audio file - as I guess it is seperate (which it is on the memory stick).
Nothing and a bunch of whinny bull.

Ok, I get fed up. I boot up Tom's computer and load the video and ask blogger to load it in. I then came downstairs thinking it would hang up again and have to do it on my machine.
While it was loading up stairs - TIME THIS PLEASE - in 10 minutes I -
1. booted the machine
2. opened the studio program - praying it would be ok with the crap video card in the machine - I haven't used it since the problems a month ago.
3. asked studio to import the video off the memory stick.
4. put a fade on the beginning and end of the bit.
5. made the words to go over the video and had it render it all.
6. rendered it as MPEG 4 to easiely be used on the internet.
7. ran upstairs to see how Tom's computer was doing and low and behold it had loaded it up.
8. ran back downstairs and it was already done making it a movie I could use anywhere.

OK, so that took like 10 minutes. It has now taken me another 10 to type all this out.
so, here is the video I redid in less than a 10th of the time it took me to do all that crap with the apple.

What am I getting at you ask??? Well, I may just have to load a version of windows (cause I have one) onto my mac and add my crappy little video editor onto that machine.
Mac people will hate me, I'm not impressed myself.
But WHY do I HAVE TO TAKE 3 x's the time to do something and not get the same results.

If you are going to tell me it is a more stable platform. Ok you may have me there, but that is because you can't DO 1/2 the stuff you can do with a PC.
I love mac, but you know what- it may have to pretend to be a pc to make me happy.

Oh yeah, this video is also 6 megabites. The one on the other post is 30 megabites. I would hazard a guess this might look a little more pixelated. Please let me know.

Ok, so I took him out and talked to the neighbor for a couple minutes. Check out the time difference on these. Ok, I check the time difference and guess what. The other piece has the first time I tried to upload the video on the mac. So, it has taken me what 2 hours of messing between the mac and the pc to get this simple little video on the internet.

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