Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School is OUT - ok after today

Well, it has been an interesting year.
Or 1/3 of a year - as it may be.

Yesterday we taped the last activity for the year. I have packed up most of my stuff and well, now I just have to clean up and get out of here.
My grades are done, but need to be posted.
My kids are gone, Its already 1st hour and no one has shown up today.

Really, I just have to spend the time to edit stuff.

Last night we had our last meeting for the year. Well, I got an award. It seems that I managed to impress a few people.

Actually, I impressed myself a little. I told them during my interview that my biggest priority was to make sure that I could tape graduation and make it look good.
Hmm, Yeah, I totally pulled that off and well - I managed 9 more things besides that.

I certainly hope you are having a good end of the school year time. Even if you are not a teacher. There are lots of people looking for grad gifts and fathers days gifts. So to all my retail friends - heres to everyone shopping.. :~)
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