Thursday, August 14, 2008


Can my brain fit anymore crap in it???

I have been watching and recording the olympics onto dvd's for a week now. I guess I am whipped. I have been trying to cut out commercials on some of it, and then Tom and I just got some of the best stuff on a couple soccer games. At least I have seen more Equestrian stuff this year.
They are on to Dressage Grand Prix. AWSOME, but only showed like 8 horses. I wanted to see all 33. DARN IT.
Oh well, something is better than nothing.

Slowly getting ready for school. Read two of the books that they suggested for the kids to read. I can deal with one, the other seems a little over their heads. Even a little over my head- they make a lot of references to philosophies, rulers and stuff that 8th graders are not likely understand at all.
ARG, makes me frustrated.
I guess a have 6 more free work days. ewww
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