Monday, October 27, 2008

Dog Troubles & Howell Nature Center

Here is one of the owls from the nature center shoot.
Naarah and I went for an afternoon of food and lots of birds of prey. Some of them are hurt and can not be let in the wild and two are fine but have been bonded to people and can not live in the wild.
I have to organzie and find the better pictures.

Here are the pictures of Brando after healing up a ton and a couple days after the vet shaved the area and we could really see what a mess he had going on it there.

It was awful. We had the urge to pull the nasty scabs off. We would whittle away the stuff that was coming off. We think he finally scratched off the big one while trying to get his ear.
You can hardly tell and he probably won't have any scars.
So, the story is. If your dog ever gets ANY dog bites, you have to take them in for Antibiotics, because the slobber gets dragged up under the skin and makes a really big mess.

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