Friday, November 07, 2008


Ok, that was silly, but man what a way to start the month.
Big crazy election. Hurray - it was decided completely with no questions to be answered and simply. None of this wait a darn month before we know the real result.

I have become an NPR junkie.
I don't know what to really say about that. I had a bunch of stuff down here, but it seemed ridiculas.
I want to go hear Don Gonyea speak on Monday in Grand Rapids, but I don't want to drive there and take a day off work and all that other crap.

Don is one of the older brothers of my highschool locker mate Holly.
Her family has done a lot in the spotlight types jobs. Don works for NPR, Another does comedy stuff and Holly was a heck of a singer. Anyway, he has a great job following around the President or Barack Obama during the election process.
I know his family must be thrilled any time he gets back to Michigan.

I know I wanted to go somewhere with this, but I really don't know where. Just to say - NPR is cool.
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