Saturday, January 26, 2013

In Kentucky

      The day has started in Kentucky.  Nope, we haven't moved yet, but we are trying to get a house this weekend.

We have two Rental properties to look at today, and hopefully we can pick one and get all this over with.  I seriously HATE having finding a place to live hanging over my head.  It just is nerve wracking enough that I had a tight chest earlier this week.
     I think that was more of that fact that YES really I am moving and there seems to be no turning back at this point.  After 12 years in one house, I can see why people hate moving.

Dinosaur stuff:
    Well, I am learning more by helping the Dinosaur than I found out myself in the last 4 years of having an Iphone. But, of course I didn't have many of the toys that are in the newer Iphones now, soooo - I guess it isn't a surprise I did not run into it before.

New stuff -  What did we learn this week?  OH Yeah,

  1.   Phone Zoo will suck up hours of your time.  If you go looking for ring tones make sure you have more than an hour of time to sit and listen to the millions of things you can find.  Only sad part, you can only search by the title of something, not who sung the song, unless some nice person added that to the title.
  2. You can ad a floating home button on the screen.  I decided that sucks.  It gets in the way when I try to read a book using the Nook Ap.  So, something learned and forgotten in a hot minute.
  3. The Iphone 4S and 5 have the wonderful text to talk feature.  It works ok and I would guess it gets better the more you use it to actually write your texts.  Dinosaur's Mom and I had a great deal of fun with that.
  4. Siri is not all bad.  I know, I think I bad mouth her because I don't have her.  She is useful when you don't want to go looking for something.  Just have to phrase things in the simplest terms, so she doesn't ask you 5 questions to do one thing.   Say something like - Call Dinosaur's Iphone - especially if you have more than one number in the contact list.
  5. I hate the new passwords that companies are forcing you to make.  It sucks, and are way too hard to remember.  Oh yeah, we have been trying to find a good Password storage thing on our phones. I have two that I haven't even tried.  I know, not so helpful if you don't use it.

Well, off and running.....
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