Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year

It's 1/2 way through January and how many people have already blown their New Years Resolutions??
I purposely did not make any. 
Sure I have things I need to do this New Year, but I wasn't going to make a big nasty fuss. 

Currently, keeping my new students on track and actually being able to do their work is keeping me plenty busy. 
Usually it's Black board or the weird company we use - their software that freaks out. Nope - it's the IntrAnet the college uses that is down or not working right. 

Luckily I'm willing to go around most of these issues to get work done!!  

I'm currently well on my way to getting my second major idea accomplished. I am planning to hit the rivers a Lot this year. I've gone on two kayaking trips already with hubby's kayak and found the one I want to buy. 
We had to get a trailer, and put that together. I have to finish the lights on the trailer and get the plug put in my car. I was told Uhaul is my best bet for not spending a million bucks.  That's tomorrow's plan. 

I found the coolest boat for myself. It's called the Ibis by Jackson Kayak- all American made!!!  It doesn't weigh a ton and it moves through the water nice and can carry all my crap for an over night trip. 
It is sort of in between white water kayaks and sit on tops. The cockpit is huge and the seat is removable and comfy. :-). 

I'll post pictures once I get mine. I need to take a better picture of Toms big fishing rig. He wanted a sit on top that was beyond stable. Yup- it is just too  heavy for me to carry.  (Or drag). 
Hope to take brando out with it. He loves the water. :-). 

Have a fabulous day.   (And what day is it??). Hump day. 
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