Monday, October 19, 2015

Graduate English Class

How long have you known me?   Think about that for a second.

I just need to tell you now at the MIDDLE of this semester that I may be in over my head.  I signed up for my first Master's level English class in August.  I was a little wigged out about finding one to take, that I probably wasn't nearly as picky as I should have been....  Or more likely, the class I really wanted was scheduled at the same time as the ONE class I teach at night for the community college.

I am pretty sure I have done what is expected of me up to this point.  Finish reading the books we have been given, for the date we are discussing them.  Along with answering all the questions she has given us about the books.  Along with trying to discern anything -ISM about the book that I could recognize on my own.   
That last thing - not doing as well with it.

What do I mean by -ISM?   If you have taken any lit classes, you might have run across that term.  It is supposed to make you think about what categories you could place the book in- romanticism, socialism, Feminism, Deconstructionism, and any other -ism you could imagine.  This is something I DO NOT DO while reading books.  I missed out on this particular type of class in Undergrad or during my teacher instruction classes.

I totally see why I missed out on these types of classes.  Actually, come to think of it, I do believe I took one Literature class and NOW I understand why the teacher hated my paper.  I could not figure out what in the world she wanted from me.  Now, I think I know from just 6 weeks in an actual ENGLISH Literature class.

Anyway, Next week I'm to give a presentation on the next book we are to have read for class. I am supposed to point out the -isms found in the book.  I am also supposed to compare the book to the one we just recently read before hand.  I am also supposed to make a worksheet to hand out to class.  JOY.   Tomorrow, I must dive in deep to do this work.   I have at least managed to read the whole story, so now I can read stuff about the story in order to make some ideas and meanings come out of the craziness of ENGLISH Lit.

Do you know any English Literature PHd holders?  I have gotten to know my first and I can sincerely tell you that I had no idea.  She specializes in a couple authors from a very specific time period and WOW, the amount of background work she has done on them is absolutely amazing.  Traveling to other countries to spend several months over several years to do research is pretty darn amazing.  

I am just glad to see that she is a pretty good teacher to go along with all that research and dedication to what she knows.  When someone tells you that you should probably go find the original thing and check that out, there are really compelling reasons for that. 
It's too late for me, but I will try to get to know the people I meet who have done it.

Sorry, no pictures today.  Maybe I'll post stuff I learn about the book I'm doing next week.

Just thought you might like to know what strange and amazing thing I'd gotten myself into this year......... 
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