Wednesday, November 11, 2015


It's November?!?  
How did that happen??  

You are probably wondering how I am doing in my Master's level English class, and the answer is - maybe surviving.  My annotated Bib is due on Thursday and I feel like I have about half of it done.  I have tonight and tomorrow to wrap all that up.  I might just survive.
Then I need to actually write the paper.   AHHHHHHHH

October was pretty cool here.  I missed out on a couple great Kayak trips, but we had FRIENDS from Michigan actually VISIT us and stay the night.
It was awesome, 3 weekends in a row people came to Kentucky for one reason or another and we managed to see all of them.

We drove a little over an hour to catch people heading farther west and had lunch.  Then we had A and T stop by on their Drive back from Texas.  It was fabulous to have people we haven't seen in 2 years come visit. :~)

Tom cooked a ton and we played games and just hung out.  I forgot what it was like to get my butt whipped by someone other than Tom in a game.

Then B and H came to visit for the weekend with the Dogs. I can't decide if Brando enjoys the visits or just tolerates the girl dogs.  That was an insane weekend because we had stuff to do and so did our friends, but we managed to have breakfast and play games a couple times.  WE did acquire one of the games, so next time we are gonna whip your butts.

I almost forgot that some other people came to see us in August. They were driving back from Tennessee and decided to visit.  That was GREAT.  Of course, Tom made a ton of food and we went to Lost River Cave in town. 
 My favorite place to show people the weirdness that is living in karst country, it explains why none of us have basements.  Unless you count one made by building your house on a hill, that's not a basement, that is just a walk out.

If you dig for a basement, you might have to jackhammer out some rock, or go a little too far and get a basement that is anywhere from a 400 square foot bat cave, or something that runs on and on for miles.

I just realized that Bruce Wayne must live somewhere in Kentucky or maybe the Virginia's.  I don't think too many other states have so many cave possibilities. Certainly not Chicago, Detroit, or New York - that would just be all underwater.
Hmm, where is Gotham anyway??

Well, I'm off to work on my paper.  I'll try for pictures next time.
Christmas will be here in a minute.

We should be home for about 2 weeks.  Try to squeeze us in your schedule.  I don't know if Karaoke will happen while I'm there but I sincerely hope so.

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