Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Count Day - 2nd verse

It is the second count day of the year.
I am not sure if I remember having a second count day last year, but then again, we used computers for attendance so I really didn't have to do anything.

Snow, yes - it started snowing again. Monroe county had some major black ice this morning and there were more than a few accidents around town. Of course, we had school.

Oh well. Same fight different day. You would think they would be smarter about chewing gum. For some strange reason, all the students here are into Blue gum, I don't even know what brand it is, but every time I turn around someone has a piece of gum in their mouth.
Now considering their skin is darker, their teeth are white and the tongue pink, how do they expect me not to notice the BLUE gum in their mouth?????

They always seem amazed that I catch them. I had one do it twice in one hour. I gave him a detention. I ask them if they think I am blind?
I feel it is stupid just to give a detention when I see the gum, especially right after lunch. It is as close to brushing that most of them will get all day. So, I just tell them to spit it out. But when I catch them again, we are talking pure stupidity.

I guess they mentioned in the meeting yesterday that teenagers still have to develop the frontal lobe and so they are willing to try lots of risk behavior, "Yeah, right I'm gonna get caught". I guess that is why they are always so surprised to get caught.
I don't remember being that bad, oh well, different world.

Tom is working horrible hours again. He is getting stressed out. I'm not enjoying this new supervisor job crap. They expect him to do miracles, just like they expect us to get miracles out of high school students.

Well, I guess the snow is ok, it covered all the ugly brown grass up again. Take care of yourself.


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