Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Welcome to February

A new month in a new year. Sometimes it amazes me that the days just keep going by.

I guess you can say the school year is officially 1/2 over. I'm hoping that we won't need to stay in school until June 23. I think that is really pushing it over the edge.

I know if the student don't rebel by then, some of the teachers will...

- someone might find this interesting - we have a water main break out in front of the school AGAIN, and we are still here. The students watched someone wind up the wrong way on the street in the median, because they hit the giant ice patch that is right in front of the school.
This morning, as teachers we were hoping they would shut off the water to the school. No such luck.

News from Vegas - well - Mom, Mike and Julie are in Vegas. And the weather has been decent and Mike went to see the Star Trek thing yesterday. Mike will have news for you when he gets home. I forgot to ask if I could tell...... Though I'm sure you can guess something.
I need to call mom today and see how she is doing. I don't think this trip is quite how she planned and I know Mike was thinking of something else. Let's just say - mom still gets up early and Mike never has.......

Oh yeah - COOL NEWS - Naarah and Rob are in the contest for a FREE $50,000 WEDDING at 12 Oaks Mall. They were called on Friday and told they are in the Top 10. They should hear on Wednesday about if they made the top 3. Then Thursday is the interviews with the radio people and then FRIDAY, they would know.
THE WEDDING will be on February 13th after the mall closes. Someone will get married then. Naarah wrote a wonderful ballad. REALLY - a ballad from old English. 100 words exactly.

I wish all the luck to them. I think it would be great. Just means I have to go find a dress this weekend. UGH

Happy February.

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