Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The world keeps on turning, can I hang on.

Just when you think you could get through a week without something else getting in the way of the lessons - BAM
If you happened to watch the news last night or this morning- the TV stations in Detroit have been trying to camp out in front of our school. Yes, ORA has gotten itself into the news again. This time it is sensational, an adult female coach with a male basketball player.

Due to the legalities involved in the case - yes it is in the courts now - I can not really comment. Just watch the news, you are bound to see some of my students blabbing their hearts out. I'm waiting to hear what happens to the basketball players that were talking. The coaches had told them NOT to talk to the news people. Teenagers, do they ever listen to what you tell them??? NOPE!!!!

I do have some good news. Tom finally shaved. Oh my, you say - what's the big deal. Well, if you look down the page you might notice a close up of Tom's face. He had not shaved since he got the stitches. Well, the stitches have been out a week and he FINALLY shaved. It was getting a little scary. :~)

Happy Valentines day to all. Sorry, no time yesterday to call everyone. Tom and I had a lovely evening at Costco for dinner. Probably the cheapest we have eaten all year. LOL
NO snowblower for Valentines day though. DARN. I got something nice. Tell ya later.

The work front - I was asked if I planned to come back next year. Hmmmm Sure, why not. It would be nice to see what it is like to teach the same thing more than once. Vegas is still so very much in the air. I'm pretty sure that I don't see that happening this year. We are starting to get a bit settled in the house. hmmmmmm
So, it looks like I won't be running around like a chicken with my head cut off this spring, looking for a job. I have one and have basically been invited back - FOR NOW. LOL we are starting the practices for the play tomorrow. OH BOY That could be a disaster.
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