Thursday, June 16, 2005

Final Exams

Well, I gave my final exam today.
I'm not sure how I feel about it. I hate when a decent number of kids fail anything.
Sure it didn't kill most of their grades. On a couple though, it took them from that riding D to an F. I hate when that happens. Well, We have a week of school left - if you could believe that one. So, I'll just have to see about extra credit.....

Took food to Tom at work this week. He is on afternoons. YUCK
Today was the first time we spent more than 5 minutes at 5am together all week. I think I ate too much. Yep, definetly. Greek town for dinner.

So, from the pictures below you can see my trip home down 96 to 275 north to 96 west again. The clouds were really cool. Yes, I'm stupid and didn't stop. But most of where I drove was under construction - so there was no where to stop and take pictures.

Does anyone know about the HUGE church at 96 and I think about 94 that is burnt. I MEANT BURNT. I wouldn't be surpised if it was boarded up for a few years, but it was a huge place. Had round windows, so not really sure it was a catholic church. I need to get some info. I need to get to the surface street up there and get some pictures, It's sad but looks really neat.

well, bed time for me. Not enough sleep lately.
Headaches and now my teeth are bugging me. UGH
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