Friday, June 24, 2005


Finally, As you can see the date, we are so much later than anyone else.

Yesterday the kids were here for a 1/2 day and most of them hung out in the Gym all day. I had a few that wanted to hang out in my room. So, we worked on getting all my stuff organized. It went ok.

TODAY - Friday - I am like at the bottom of the list to get checked out. (it's about noon and I got here at 8am) My teacher books are checked in. My room has been checked, my grade book has been looked at and now I'm just waiting to see Mrs. Trout to get my new contract and hand over stuff.
Yes, I'm coming back. I know a bunch of you were starting a bet as to whether we would go to Vegas or not. NOT. You were right. Tom and I just didn't prepare for the moving this year. Too much time spent surviving the new job and stuff. I'd like to teach the same class twice, so staying here isn't the worst.
Plus, we need to finish working on the house.
ANYONE FREE to help me this summer.......... Going to try to get the basement finished, paint and decorate the front room, paint and finish decorating the bedroom and paint the back room.
This does not include the work that needs to be done to the lawn. Need the sprinkler system fixed, the roof redone, and ummmm too many machines fixed.
We inherited the giant roto-tiller, needs work.
We also got a gas weed whip, very much needs work.

Of course, I get paid today and receive a 1/2 paycheck 2 weeks from now. Then I don't get paid until late August.
Yes, I did put money away. Hopefully enough to cover the worst of my BILLS. Next year I have to start earlier on saving for the summer, because next year - IT WILL BE A MUCH LONGER SUMMER. We are so going to get out before June. So, I will have June and July next year to relax.

OH yeah, did Cedar Point on Wednesday with the 11th grade students. I had a great time.
My face has taken on a whole new color. I have a major watch worm - my tan indicator - and a crappy half armband henna tattoo. I felt the urge to get something, it was sad. They are still too new and need better patterns. ewww Oh well, no lemon juice so it might last a week.
Have to drop off the camera to get pictures done. Bought a throw away just in case. You know me, lose them or break them. Tom was unhappy that I even thought of taking my good camera.

Well, that's a long post.
Got more later
Hopefully I'll keep up a little more over the summer. I'll post the before and after pictures. I really have to start cleaning the house.
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