Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The price of pets...

Is totally worth it.
Ok, I know people who spends thousands of dollars on their animals, so I have nothing to complain about myself..
I spent Monday morning at the vets. Yes, the veterinarian.
Winslow was not getting better, and he looked really worn out. So, I took him and good thing. He has lost weight. When you are talking about an animal that doesn't even weight a whole pound, losing weight is a bad thing.
He stills sneezes and we decided to go with Baytril. Yes, the stuff they don't give to horses until they are 3. Cartilage issues- Well, Winslow is almost full grown and I'd rather have a live piggy with a little stiffness, than a dead piggy because of an upper respiratory infection.

I separated him from the girls, 1 - so he can eat without being bothered, 2 - to get some rest (they chase him a lot), and 3 - to keep the girls from getting sick. They might be sick already, but they are more likely to get over it. We think Winslow was sick from the time we brought him home.
He has gained some weight back already. This is a very good thing.. The girls miss him, cause they call for him.
Once again, medicine twice a day. Going to be a month this time. With both of us, he doesn't give us any problems.

Other things....
St. Patricks day is Friday. Totally cool, we are going to Carrie's for game night and traditional Irish grub. Sounds wonderful to me.

It is Lent and with Paul around we are going with the no meat on Fridays. Ok, sort of - but a good fish fry is always fun. The fathers club puts on a good fish fry in Walled Lake at the Catholic grade school, its fun and decent food.

Mom is in Tenn. It has been decided that people who live in Michigan are good luck to people who live in Tenn. Mom was down there 2 days and Jay and Cindy's house was sold. They have been trying to sell for MONTHS... Jay got a new job in Alabama and they have been trying to move, they have an apartment in Alabama so he has somewhere to stay. So, Mom is staying an extra week to help pack up the house and get the stuff moved. So is enjoying her time with Camden and will come home with a ton of pictures. Be prepared for toddler overload.

Well, enjoy your week, stay out of the cold. I won't even think about the weather, too depressing right now. later
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