Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's been a week....

How much can happen in a week?

Well, if you are me. A TON....

School - ok we will go there first...
A) I managed to pass my midterm in the annoying sophomore level English class with Flying Colors. I even impressed the teacher with one of my essay question answers. NO way, she hates my writing. I then proceeded to redo the first paper and got 1 more point. Ok, I felt that was a little low, but I may sneak out of there with an 93 percent or something... Thank goodness for quizzes. I blaze on quizzes.....
B) Grad class, hmmm I have reading to do and a major project due in a couple weeks. Don't talk to me about it.

Tom -
Work is going well. He is at a slow time and we are enjoying that. Come fall I will probably never see him. He met the guy who he'll be working with at Chrysler (JNAP) and he said, "You realize that I will be yelling at you a lot, it won't be personal." Tom's reply, "Yeah, I know that, just part of this job."
Hurray, the guy he will be working with is up front. Can ask for more, but a good place to start.

Guinea Pigs-
The good news. The girls weigh a ton, they are getting huge. Tom keeps saying, she must be pregnant, Nope, just a big GIRL. Laverne that is.... Over 800 grams. Gained 200 since we got her.
The Okay news - which went from bad to Okay today..... Winslow is still sick it seems. He has been on Antibiotics for almost 3 weeks now. He takes the medicine without complaint -this is a god send, but he isn't gaining any weight.
Today, I moved him from the travel cage back over by my computer area. The cage is smaller, but I think he prefers it over here, up off the floor. He has been eating ALL DAY. It is almost noon and he is usually asleep by now. Not today, he has been at the hay all morning, eating his pellets and sucking on the water bottle. I need to refill his hay bin already. That makes me feel SOOOO much better. I was really worried about him yesterday.
I should weigh him now that he is full of food. LOL, hmm I guess that would be cheating...

Possibilities -
I don't want to jinx it. Lets just say that going to NPR for my volunteer training was the BEST thing that has happened to me all YEAR... The other thing that fellow Spartans will love, The new Interim Director of Michigan Radio has a Radio/TV (prob Telecom) degree from STATE. He was asking me about Impact Radio and the Wkar TV station. Unfortunately I did more theater stuff, but He is WAY cool. His words, "I keep telling them around here that it takes a Spartan to clean things up." I almost fell on the floor. Hope to have more news in the future.
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