Friday, June 09, 2006

Hurray, No surgery!!

Lenny Piggie is very happy today. No Surgery on his Bum..
I have been redeemed as a good piggie mommy. Through the antibiotics and the hot compresses to get the blood flowing, we managed to get rid of the Abscess.
The vet was very impressed and his boo boo looks 500 x's better.

He will have to live alone until it completely heals, but I think he is ok with that. We traveled all over today and he got to see lots of people.
He wasn't happy to see the Vet in Canton, but he was a good boy.
Then we went to Ann Arbor to see Naarah and pick stuff up. I held him there and gave him goodies and he tribbled like a good piggie. Then we drove north on 23 to 96 and back to the Novi store to drop off a camera. One big square trip today...

If he had surgery I was going to Hit the new Ikea store in Canton, but no luck with that today. Although I hear it is still insane there. Have a great weekend..
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