Friday, June 02, 2006

First - Happy Belated Birthday MOM

Second- I have some very interesting news...

It seems that I took a girl piggy to the vet today and came home with a boy piggy.

Yes, feel free to laugh all you want. Haven't you ever just went along with something because more than one person told you something..?? You just didn't think about it after that.
I guess that is the case here. I just didn't think about it much.

So, it seems that everyone I have are boys. The vet claims, "Thier testicles stay up in their abdomen a long time." SURE THEY DO.....
I am going to give him crap next week about not noticing when I brought everyone in before the neutering. The "Girls" were only about 5 weeks old at the time..

So, what are the new names... Come on, you can figure it out. I should come up with better names, but Lenny and Squiggy are the most appropriate names for the situation.

So, these once tiny little 500 gram piggies are now 1000 grams, like 2 pounds and have testicles... hmmmm

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you WHY, Lenny went to the vet. I noticed that a bite mark hadn't healed, dang that long hair. Opps, I am really bad. He now has a big abcess and will probably have to have surgery next week to get it out. OUCH. He was one ticked off piggie when the vet brought him back to the room.
So, now he has to live alone until this stuff gets healed. arg. No wonder they are had little fights.... oh well, life is always entertaining....
(The abcess is not life threatening, but it is staying an open sore, so it has got to go, he is on antibiotics for the week.... sigh.)
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