Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Redid the big cage.

I noticed some of my pictures are weird a couple posts down, but I don't feel like fixing them now.... Maybe later.

But I do have new pictures of the cage. Winslow did not like living on the floor. So, Tom and I redid the big cage to split it between them.
There are now 2 upper lvls and ramps, it is split down the middle as a zig zag... Lots of stuff to go around...
Yes, there are blue cubes, that was what I found on sale at Target a while back. I was ready to have to redo the cage. Oh well.
To clean, Lenny and Squiggy go in the pool and Winslow on the floor; then the center peice comes out and every thing goes outside to shake and then into the wash.
I am pretty sure I have enough towels and stuff for full out changes. Now I just have to schedule time for a bath. Everyone is getting a little stinky again..
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