Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Basically Mid-Summer

Well, if you haven't made plans to visit someone, or go somewhere, I have to warn you. Summer is half over. Especially for those of us who have to plan our year around some kind of school. Whether it is college classes or k-12.

Monroe County fair is NEXT WEEK, if you didn't already know that.
I will be at the fair grounds on Wednesday and probably Thursday. Wish I could say I would be there more, but I have to go to work. Yes, that horrible thing that teachers usually don't do in the summer. Other than fret about what to teach this next year.

So far no luck in the job hunting category. No calls even. I have to check the sites again, but not much going on. I figure it will be insane at the end of August.

That is today's update. Ok, for those of you waiting for pictures. I just loaded Elements on the big machine and have to load the pictures I'll be using over there. So just hold on to your britches.....
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