Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What a week already...

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July.
I guess you can say I enjoyed myself, considering that I had to work for most of the day.
Also, as a side note, it is a little difficult to post with a piggie in your lap.

Winslow has discovered the love of the piggie sock. Usually if you pick him up, he will fight and squirm and want to be put down again. Now will the invention of the sock, he will gladly sit in your lap for a long time. I think today has been the limit, more than a 1/2 hour. I think one of my legs is falling asleep.

News: Poor Winslow has a rough life. Somehow last week he managed to break his two front top teeth. (I have ideas.) Well, he went to the vet on saturday and was not a happy camper. The vet forced him to show his teeth and even sort of clipped one. I figured it out because he wasn't eating a carrot. Piggies can not ignore carrots.
He has been eating lots of cut up lettuce and veggies and is back to eating his pellets. The Top teeth have grown enough that he can pick some things up again.
I have a much more cuddly pig now that he really can't bite you. HA HA HA

Interview - Had a good interview last week, now waiting for them to call for the 2nd installment. Of course they will call today right after I leave for work. I hate that.

Work- tired. That is it. I haven't sold much in the last couple of weeks. Not really trying that hard at the moment. Too much other stuff on my mind. Have to work 12-9 today. Not happy about that. SO, here I sit with piggie on my lap and considering getting ready for work.

Have a great week, see you all Saturday.
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