Friday, September 22, 2006

Tired, and feeling run down

I don't know what I wanted to post today. Little bit of everything I guess...

Winslow still won't take his medicine. We are getting more creative all the time. Burrito pig worked last night, but it takes two of us.
I gave him banana with meds on it this morning - after getting chewed on for 10 minutes. I think its working.

Cleaned cages, So I have happy piggies. But tired me.
Did I mention I made the cage bigger??
They are EXTREMLY happy about it. Everyone has full circle run space.

Some of our house guests should be leaving on Sunday. HURRAY. Not that I don't think they are cute, but I don't really like that they do have a SMELL. Rats smell, sorry no two ways about it. You might think piggies smell, nah you really only smell the hay, rats put off some smell.

Paintball last weekend was fun. I finally picked up some bruises. Right upper arm, left lower arm and high upper almost inner thigh. (OUCH) They don't hurt anymore, but it was certainly an interesting day. Nice weather and not many people.
Paul Thoma showed up and so did Karen from work. Karen and I are bottom row with our scary helmets on. Tom on far right.

OH - Alumni weekend is at SMCC the weekend of 29-oct 1. The game is Friday night and Alumni stuff starts at 5:30 I read. It is Paul's 20 year reunion. Oh are we getting old. I hope to make it to the game.
That Saturday I'm supposed to take pictures for the big High School Equestrian event in Adrian. I have to get someone to cover me at the camera shop. CRAP... I could make decent money if some pictures sell. I'll tell you later who I'm working with. HA HA

Tom wants me to post pictures that he took of bugs in the back yard. Ok, but they are on his computer. I guess I'll do that later.
Enjoy your Friday...
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