Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Hope your holiday weekend was full of fun, food and rest.
I on the other hand worked the whole time.

Too many hours in the store trying to get people to just decide on something to take with them or to order.
I have to admit that lots of people were nicer about ordering cameras and the free stuff than I expected. I totally planned on them being all mad that we didn't have it, but when they could get it at the same price by ordering it, they were fine.

I left work early on Monday to get some of my lights up. Especially the outdoor lights. It is cold out there today and the rest of my sub had there lights up on Sunday. We came home from the movies and the street was completely lit up.

Three more actual classes to attend and I have officially finished my Masters in Teaching.
Just have a couple more papers to write.
And finish paying them.

Tell you about Casino Royale later.
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