Monday, February 26, 2007

Music and Lyrics

Ah yes, I said I would do a movie rating....

Naarah, Rob, Tom and I went to see Music and Lyrics and we totally give it 4 thumbs up. Naarah and I laughed out loud quite a few times, and Tom claims that he smiled the ENTIRE movie.
Now if that isn't a great review I don't know what is. If you lived in the 80's at all, OR are addicted to any of the VH-1 I love the 80's shows, you will LOVE this movie.

Videos we rented -
Beer Fest - Tom wanted to see what it was about. And- it was sort of funny. It had some good parts, but it was filled with sophomoric humor (duh) and had a really dumb plot twist. Did I say dumb plot twist, oh yeah - someone's twin brother appearing. Yeah, really dumb. The end was really funny with Willy Nelson making an appearence. Don't spend money on this, catch it on cable if they ever let it get that far.

Thank you for Smoking - I really wanted to see this movie. Basically because the premise was pretty good. AND, I wanted to see someone with all the right answers about Tobacco. You always wondered how they got so far for so long. The guy was great - I don't know who wrote it, but they did an incredible job. Just a reminder - the story takes place BEFORE Big tobacco has to settle and start paying the states for Health problems...

Hope you have a great week...
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