Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NO WAY, I just mean NO WAY

Ok, some of you are horse fans, or fanatics.
So, someone on a web site I check out posted this.....


There are some more horses on the side of the same page. I haven't watched any of those yet..

What is it you ask????

This is the COOLEST thing I have ever seen. Ok, I have done dressage, it is cool and I found it fun. But If I had known that other countries were this cool, I would have demanded to travel to see it. Speaking of which, if you find out they are doing Freestyle in Toronto at any of the competitions, I want to be there.

Can you believe that our television is soooo lame that they don't air it. Ok, probably somewhere on cable or Satillite now I could find it, but WOW.
I hope to see this 9 year old mare out there dancing for a long time.
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