Thursday, July 05, 2007

Did you have a good 4th????

Did you have a good Fourth of July?

I would have to say that we did.
Naarah and Rob came out after they close the store at Laurel park, Paul and Carrie came over and the 6 of us went to the fireworks at Kensington Metro Park off of 96, near Milford.

It turned out to be a great evening. We stopped at KFC on the way out there and we took our own pop and stuff.
I was prepared. We had blankets and chairs and bug spray and cameras and tripods.
I know Naarah got a few pictures with her S3is, so those will be cool to see also.
I had to crop a lot of my pictures as I turned on the noise reduction - STUPID.
Well, it would take to long to get ready for the next shot.

Then I missed a good portion of the finale, cause I bumped the camera and messed up the angel.
ANYWAY - no one seemed to lose anything - or I haven't heard yet and over all it was a great evening.

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