Thursday, August 30, 2007

Camping - oh the joy

As I mentioned in the other post I went camping with Carrie and Matt. We had a good weekend. I was sort of group outing and we met some other cool people there.
Jo Ann is walking with Carrie - they were cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

I cooked and they cleaned, that was kind of nice. You can see the giant blue and white tent past the cars, that is my tent. Matt's is the solid blue that you can barely see.

Matt wandered over and I got a picture of him. Oh I have to find the funny picture of me that he took.

Ok, there is the picture of me. It was raining and I was getting into my tent, or his at the moment. I think his. Matt has a cute little camera and we had fun playing with it.
Once the rain started mine stayed safely in the jeep.

Down here is the picture of the tents up in the back yard. Well, I would try to go take another picture, but they are all over the deck and in the garage. Matt, Carrie - if you think we got wet Camping, You should have seen Tom and I last night. We were in Torrential rain last night taking stuff down, because the big tent tried to blow away. I have to go dig the rest of the stakes out of the ground. I need a bunch of those yellow stakes.

The food tent wasn't going anywhere till I pulled up the one Tom put in the front and back at the zippers.

Off to try and dry out tents again.... Now have to see if there is two tons of grass on them to get cleaned now. I guess I need to buy some tent seam sealer...
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