Monday, September 17, 2007

Career test. HA HA

OK, so I took the career question test on the site Naarah dragged up.
I saw one question that had to do with sales and since I nicked it, of course retail did not hit the list really.
I forget to look at the bottom..
I'll have to go back after I finish this.

HMMM, not surprising at all considering the number of things I have done with my life....

1. Recording Engineer
2. Power Plant Operator
3. Dry Cleaner
4. Printing Press Operator
5. Director
6. Film and TV Crew
7. Film Editor
8. Sound Technician
9. Automobile Assembler
10. Director of Photography
11. Production Woodworker

Too bad getting into a couple of those jobs are very few and far between here in Michigan..
ah well.
Go to Naarah's page to get the place to run your own test.
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