Saturday, September 06, 2008

Piggie surgery

I know, I know, I know
Do we spend enough on the pigs??? I don't think I could spend any more.....
If it was your dog or horse, you'd do the same thing....

Anyway, Lenny has not felt real well and I had Tom take him to the vet. He HAD a bladder stone, which was removed yesterday.
Poor guy has a gazzillion stitches inside and out.

I have to remind him to eat, have to keep the gut moving, even if it doesn't feel good.
So, turtle pig was partially due to the fact he didn't feel well. Darn it.
I would have noticed earlier, but Lenny is the talking pig, he talked for no reason ALL the time. This made it harder to notice that he was talking about how much it hurt to pee.
Well, that pain is over with, now we have to get over the cut abdomen muscles. Ouch.
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