Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Did I forget to do a school started blog???
I think I did.

So, I'm back at the School I joined last spring.
I'm still in the "Oops we didn't tell you how to do that?" phase of working here.
It should just be expected, it's a High School and people get so used to what they have done, they forget that there might be a couple people who don't know what to do. The Dean of Students has been very kind and even talked to me in the spring about what does sort of happen around here and if I have any problems at all to call him.

My first two people got to spend a day at home figuring out why they need to behave in here.
I am trying to keep the worst of it from starting, but nipping the unacceptable in the bud. I refuse to have posturing going on in my class room. You know you aren't going to start a fight in front of me (if you have been talking trash for 10 minutes.) so get over yourself and get the heck out.
Sure we have lots of fights here, or after school (mostly) because they all live near eachother. But once in a while someone just swings. Those are the fights you have to look out for.
So I have met a few parents and with 8th graders - they don't scare me much. I can usually bluff them out of anything. And with two having a day out of school, most know - hmm - Mrs. F is not going to take any crap.

Other annoying things.
For some reason the main harddrive, in my editing computer, blew a gasket . The one they just built for me in the spring. I was going to put together the football game that I dragged Tom too. Kind of hard to do that when the computer will not even boot up. Opps.

They ordered my equipment but it is not all in yet. PLUS, the tripod I was trying to get fixed is not available in parts. So, it's either $1,100 for a new head, or just buy a different tripod.
I'm working on the different tripod. Just had to get it in the guys head that I REFUSE to buy a tripod for over $600 for this building. Hello, the office won't give me that much.
If they were replacing the studio tripods, I would love nicer ones, the ones we having are starting to fall apart. But for something that needs to go outside, I need to be able to cobble it back together with duck tape if it ever comes down to that.

Oh yeah, I'm teaching 8th grade English. MAN, I was really hoping to get away from that stuff.
Oh well, so now I have to grade english papers. EWWWWW
Thank goodness it is Wednesday and the end of the day.
I need a nap. Ha ha
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