Saturday, September 20, 2008


Oh man,
The first cold/ death of the fall. I can hardly believe it.
On Thursday morning I woke feeling horrible. I thought I was going to shoot Tom. My throat hurt and I could not breath.
He has been hacking stuff up for a couple weeks now and Paul was at the doctors a little over a week ago now (i think).
So, here I am miserable.
My head hurts, my throat hurts and I'm tired.
I spent yesterday trying to hide from the world and it didn't work well. Today I stopped answering the door.
(Two teenagers or older wearing ties - you know that can't be good.)
Hopefully I could see them, but they really couldn't see me. Thanks for the shades mom. I can only hope the dog barking was scarey enough.

I can't beleive I already took a day off work. And a Payday at that. Oh my, poor me. I can wait till Monday for a check, jeez.
Off to sleep.
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