Friday, July 05, 2013

Best items ever

We have been on the road for a week. 
Sleeping is always a worry on the road.  It's not your bed, it doesn't have the same sounds, or your pets aren't in the same place.  
Well, I give you the next best thing. 
And this worked even on my mothers hardest bed of the universe. ( I woke up in pain but I did sleep). 
There are two items here and the only thing missing is iPhone ( which I used to take the picture). 
First is the double USB plug from Costco- although I know they are at Kmart, meijers and probably Walmart. I have an iPhone 5 so it uses the bottom plug- to the white cord. 
The second item is the speaker. Mine is a rechargeable USB powered speaker. There are two kinds of these. Mine is the kind you can daisy chain a few together to maximize sound. The Dinosaur has one that changes color while it plays. 
I use this for sleeping so the lights don't help me. 
With the 2 USB plug both items have power and are close enough to each other to work just fine.  I like it on a bedside table. 
WHY?? You ask.  
Well I found an app called Sleep Machine lite. 
It plays different white noise sounds. Like wind, waves and stuff like that. You can take a few sounds and mix them to get your blend. 
It also has a timer and you can add an alarm at the end or not. 
These items have made it so that I can get at least 5-7 good hours of sleep even in the worst situations. Plus- I only have to carry ONE small bag with me. Not my whole computer. Or blow out the tiny speakers on the phone. 
(Which I did last summer to my old phone after 2 weeks on the road.)
Hey - it also works great for a instant hotel room party.  Or sharing music with a small group. 
The speaker does work with its rechargeable battery, but I have not tested out its battery life yet. I'll probably do that later this month. 
Well- sweet dreams. Off to plug in and pass out.  
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