Thursday, July 25, 2013

Road Trip

Woo hooo-  a road trip with three other women. The Dinosaur, two other friends and I are traveling East. 
It's been Many years since I've done this. 
I remember the one road trip we took to Illinois  somewhere for a 4-H competition. 
It was my mom, our 4-H leader and 3 teenagers; myself and the twins. I'm pretty sure that I drove part of the trip. We went past Chicago on that trip. 
I have to admit that the trip between Detroit to Chicago is pretty boring. Especially when you've done it more than 5 times. 
Anyway- 5 women in one hotel room is stretching the limit on anyone. 
I think it was more taxing on my mom as the other two girls were terrible sleepers and slow to get ready. In my head when I think of it - I imagine my high school French teacher yelling "Veit, Veit" at students to hurry up. I heard that story from students who went to Europe with her. 
( I just spent 10 minutes trying to get the right spelling for "Veit" and proper translation.  Well- can't find one that works. I tried hurry up, rush, faster, & something else- nothing works.  Maybe one of my Canadian friends can help me - as my teacher was from Quebec and the word might be slang from there. )

Road trips- that was the point of this post.  
Today we are driving from Detroit to Niagara  Falls, NY.  Thru Ohio - yup one person does not have a passport or enhanced license.  Although people on this trip have said other people have told them that going thru Canada is slower due to Construction and the boarder crossings. 
Ohio is just the turn pike and the cops.  We have seen lots if Po-Po in Ohio today. They were totally nailing everyone today. We saw them out with radar guns and friends. 

We just got to Pennsylvania and saw this Casino race track when we stopped for gas. We hit a Sheets gas station. It was pretty fabulous. Think like 7-eleven and huge gas station. It was new and clean. Just what I like.  :-). 
Off and on we can see Lake Erie out the driver side of the car and the weather is beautiful today. I'm glad we decided to drive to the falls today and not on the way back.  I'm sure it will rain on the way home. You just know it. 

Well off to watch out the windows to Buffalo. 
We'll be on the mountains of Massachusetts for most of the weekend with no phone or Internet service. See us when we emerge. 
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