Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wonderful explanation.....

Think Tech tumblr - Technology in Education

Okay, so the guy (I assume) did not have his name anywhere on his blog.  Anonymous is a good way to go in many things.

Someone posted it on Facebook - oh that would be Kelli the queen of Adult Ed.  Anyway, this is a lovely explanation of why Teachers get fed up with other people telling us how to do our jobs.  Have you ever looked at the class list for teacher curriculum.  Philosophy and "How the brain works" types classes fit in there.
 "WHY?" you ask, because teachers are dealing with Brains that are NOT done growing.

Those students sitting out in front of you have half Baked brains and that is BEFORE they drink that caffeinated beverage or Monster Drink, or eat that horrible bag of Hot Cheetos in front of you, or even worse, get High before school or even better drunk.  (Don't get me started on Red Dye 40)

Those students are still creating brain cells that will be important to them down the road.

So the next time someone tries to tell me or my friends how to do our job. You can go take a couple classes on adolescent development, and maybe a few more on social work in teenagers.
Think that would be a great thing for parents to need to do.  Your kid enters High school or Middle school and you need to go take a couple classes.

Matt, I think that is a calling for you.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Twitter- 20 things to help teach  - Just found that and figured this was the best place to stick it.

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