Thursday, August 15, 2013

Charities and an AWESOME venue.

I want to yell!!!!!!

Why?  Well, this is the silly part.
I want to go to every event possible at the "Lost River Cave" here in Bowling Green Kentucky.

If you saw some pictures, you would know why.
I went to the big event they hold each year for the Cave itself. They created a non-profit in the 90's to clean up the cave and start using it for the better and tourism.

The first time I saw the cave was as a Tourist.  P.L. and I were traveling to see my parents in Tennessee way back when and we had decided to hit as many tourist traps on the way down as possible.  So we went to the west side of Kentucky, through Nashville then on to Chattanooga.  We had a great time.
I need to dig up those pictures.

Anyway, after hitting Mammoth caves and doing a tour, we noticed the signs for Lost River cave and thought, if the trip isn't too long this could be very cool.  P and I went and it was sooo cute.  They had fun stories to tell us and and cave front was so awesome I wanted to return right then for a party.

The best part is that in the 20's-30's they rebuilt the front of the cave to have big bands play there. Full on traveling bands would come play in the cave. The cold air comes out of the cave and acts as a natural air-conditioning for the whole area right there in front of the cave.

Move ahead to now.  In December I dragged my mom down there during our tour of Bowling Green and they have done a bit of work to make the place even nicer. They have stuff going on in the evenings there all summer long. Thursday nights to Saturday nights. (lots of weddings)

AND this is where my problem comes in.  They scheduled 2 Charity things 1 week from each other.
Hence my wanting to yell.  As I totally want to go to any event being held for the Humane Society here in Bowling Green, theirs is tomorrow night.  I've been to two events and one online thing. (And we've only been here since April.)
The other event is for the Boys and Girls Clubs here in town and their event is Next Thursday. ARG.

Tom has told me to pick one. BOOO.
Okay, so that is totally reasonable, but not fair in the least. LOL
I've had plans to go to "Spirits in the Cave" for months now as my neighbor is a part of the companies that sponsor the event. So, yes we are going to that event.

Whine, cry and all that other jazz.

Next summer I'm going to all three.  And I'm counting on YOU out there to make it happen.  People need to schedule to BE HERE to go to ONE of them.  That way, I can go to all three.

The closest thing I can figure is that Night Club in the Caves is going to be around July 20th.  The Saturday night one- with a Big Band.  It was fabulous this year and I know a few people have already said they would like to go.
The Humane Society one and the "Spirits in the Cave" are both in August.  Humane society looks to have a Band with Brass and I'm not sure the style - they are calling it "A garden party in the Cave".  The Boys and Girls club is have a rock band (probably local) playing and calls it "Spirits in the Cave".

All parties have food, drink and run between $40 and $50 a person.
I know that most things in Michigan that are charity events start closer to $50 and go up from there.

So Pull out your Calendar for next summer and make a PLAN - Middle August I need a few people to come visit to hit an event with.  If you want to come for the July fun, we might have to make Condo arrangements, which isn't bad either......  To make room for everyone. LOL

Well, I'm off to another meeting before school starts on Monday.  Later.....
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