Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Break

           A new experience has been added to my life.
This thing called Fall Break.  
Most of you who are from the land of Michigan or slightly more northerly climes surely think  this is weird.  "School just started, why would you need a whole week off in October."

           Well, that is where the whole premise breaks down.  School, did not just start here.  School started for most children right before or after August 1st.  I felt so very queasy when I was presented with this truth.
Then the Community College I work at started on August 17th or so. And that felt a bit early for me too.
Then Western Kentucky University then started a week later.  So, almost everyone here has been in classes for 8 or more weeks of school. 

          I've asked people over and over, "why in the world do you start so early?"  Their answer always has something to do with the likely number of snow days we shall have over the winter.  I've been told that it ranges anywhere from 10 to 25 days off from class.  If there is a big enough ice storm, power being knocked out becomes one of the biggest problems.

           The community College even has a system on the website ready to go for those days when you should not come in to work.  Come January, I'll be working Monday / Wednesdays.  How likely am I to get days off??  

         What have I done for Fall break, you ask?  It started with appointment for Cody to the doctor and myself later in the week.  I tried to figure out how to get my GOOD microphone hooked up to work with my computer for voice over/ audio book situation.  (Found that the fans in the big desktop are so loud that it vibrates everything and I'm better off using the microphone on my headphones to my phone, records a clearer sound.  Plus if you hide in the closet the clothes soak up all the bouncing sound.)

       I found that shower heads are REALLY cheap now and had to replace the one in the spare bathroom already.  It cracked and started spraying water everywhere. STUPID- I barely use that bathroom and really need the shower head on a hose for dog washing. :::Groan:::: 

      I'm also having a guest come stay Sunday night. I'm thrilled to be a stop over for a friend driving from Memphis to Chicago.  We have known each other a couple years now, but as we live so far apart anyway, we only see each other maybe once a year.  Facebook has been rather cool in keeping up with people you have known forever, or have just recently met.
Yes, I have started cleaning. I have plenty more to do.

      Okay.  I'll get to the other post I should have done a couple weeks ago...  Overnight trip on the river.  It was great...

Here are random photos from this year....
Brando at the pool.  So much fun!!!  Love Bowling Green Humane Society. Pony Baby.  There are at least 8 of them out there.  I really need to get better shots of them.

Tom with me on a Paddle.  Poor boats just not built for what I wind up doing. LOL
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