Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mish Mash

Happy Halloween

Probably one of my favorite holidays of the year, and I haven't done a darn thing to celebrate.   Other than eat caramel cake a few times. (yum)

I've spent the last few weeks dealing with crazy online class content.  "Hello, tech support..."
AND health insurance weirdness,  "Hello BCBS".

Neither of these things were any fun.  I was very nice and pleasant every time I talked to someone from either place.  I managed to not bite anyone's head off and I also TOOK care of business.

The thoughts wiggling around the back of my brain really only consist of - I really hope the students realize that I have nothing to do with the problems we are having with the software.  I have no way to check and make sure the stupid stuff works from their end.  I have shared this particular thought with the associate professor at my school and the tech people at the company.

I keep telling myself - just be glad you are not afraid of the technology.  Imagine what someone with out your skills would be doing and feeling.......    This helps a bit.

The health insurance crap, well that could send anyone over the edge.  I understand that Doctors are not going to understand ALL the stupid ways that the insurance company can make life more difficult for all of us, but this was more annoying than usual. I believe it started with the FREE stuff that manufacturers of Medical stuff and drugs like the give to doctors.

The doctor gives you something saying, "Look, it's Free!"  And yet, the prescription you are given to get the items to use with it then cost an Arm and a Leg because it's not really a prescription - it's a medical device.  That has to be billed in a very different way and goes against the amount of your deductible for the year.

After several days of 12 or more phone calls, I managed to find a place that billed correctly and had the items. (yea)  The problem is - they did not take any money, they are going to bill the insurance and then send me a bill for the amount the insurance did not pay.  AND this is how people wind up in debtors prison --- I can't decide if prison would be preferable than the actual going bankrupt we have today........

Happy Halloween.   Eat some candy for me. 
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