Sunday, October 20, 2013

Green River Over Night.

This was my very first Over Night on any river.  We had to haul EVERYTHING with us and it was rough camping.  Thank goodness for Michael's tent and air roll, my ability to pack crap and the help of another camper, I survived - wet but well!!
Here is my Poor Boat with too much stuff in it.
 Here is the Tuna Barge that John drove, he already offered to carry some of my stuff, before we even got on the river.

Here we are loading the boats to take off down the river.

Here is a couple and his son who brought the MOST stuff with them. They brought most of the cooking gear and 2 tents, and 3 sleeping bags and everything else that you could imagine. They had it...

Some falls.  Really cool- they are very striking in the spring when all the water is running.

This is lunch time the first day right after we packed the Tuna Barge with all my stuff and my deflated boat. I fit right there near the front and even have stuff between my legs.  I am sooo happy John helped me.

This is Sunday Morning as we were packing up to get on the river. Breakfast was almost made and it started raining.  I had my tent down and was packing it as the rain started.  I got my rain gear on quickly and managed to get ready to go.

This is what The Tuna Barge looked like right before we left.  John was packing up all his stuff and mine on the boat. We had to readjust some stuff at lunch, but overall it was impressive. We had to fight the current a bit and the rain was an interesting part of the day.  We got back to the cars before noon, and after we sent people to pick up the trailer that had the boats on it, we left after 1 pm.  It is a bit of a drive between the put in and the take out.  I wanted to make sure I did my share of hauling stuff.  I wasn't the oldest person on the trip by far, but I guess I looked like I was having the hardest time.
Several people offered to let me borrow a boat the next time we go out.  I think that would be a great idea. I can try out a few different ones and next summer get some thing I can get a bit more use out of . :~)

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