Friday, January 07, 2005


Wow, I forgot how much fun Final exams are....... (NOT)

Yes, I actually had to write and give a final exam. I have one hour left of giving exams. I have a student still working right now. He is a slow reader, and should have a file. But you know how it is in a charter school - IEP or 504 status, what's that....

Anyway- I don't think they all failed. I think some did ok.

SNOW DAY - oh yes. A snow day - that was January 6th 2005. I didn't get one snow day last year, and I had to drive over an hour to get to work.... Hmmm, I only drive a 1/2 hour now. I wonder what this means...... I like this new job. At least for the snow day. LOL

What else? Mom decided on a Condo. She ordered all the upgrades and stuff this past week. I have no idea when she will get to move in. But, I'm guess it might be a slow process so she can get some painting done?? I know that Mike will get rangled into adding pot lights in the ceilings and some other things. I guess I can help... lol
Time to start working on our house again. I have bedroom furniture now. I have to put it together and get things organized, UGH - I hate that word. Still have tons of painting and stuff to do.

Oh man, I have to go do a couple things.
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