Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My score

I did the emotional thing that Naarah found and I scored a 93, which means I am very average. Gee what a surprise.
My problem is that it only gave you two possible answers and on many of the questions I did not feel that either answer was appropriate for me to use in response to the question. I left at least one blank, and wanted to leave another blank - but it wouldn't let me unclick - just pick the other answer.
Here is the website.
What's Your EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)?

SNOW - is anyone else sick of it yet. We haven't had this much snow in years. Ok, I probably said that last year, and It was true of last year, but this year is even worse.
The snow doesn't even get a chance to melt and here it comes again. Ok, so tomorrow it is supposed to be like 45- 50 degrees - are they crazy. Then down to 1 degree on FRIDAY. I heard them use a term called SLU-MENT this morning on the radio. That is slush and water and everything FROZEN solid. I certainly won't be pushing that around with a plastic shovel.
Oh yeah - I'm counting. I am counting the number of times I have had to shovel snow this year. I am at 5 or 6 since the first of January. Tom has helped ONCE. Hmmmm

SCHOOL - tired - almost feel sick. Have a headache again today. Giving exams is a pain in the rear. I gave them a crossword puzzle of 33 of the 100 words they learned over the semester. Some of them have been acting like it is the worst thing ever. I love it. I didn't use definitions, I used sentences that use the words in them. WOW, they had to think. Unfortunately it is taking them 2 hours or more to finish it. I didn't think it was that hard. Oh well.

I have 1/2 the finals graded. I have a small section of their stories graded, I have figured out what work was laying around that I needed to put in the computer. Hmm, I guess I got some stuff done today. I can't decide, am I staying for the Basketball game, or going home after the meeting. I guess I could get some more work done - if I stay.. So, what's for dinner.

Have a nice day. I have Martin Luther King Jr.'s Day off on Monday. What are you doing?
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