Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New What???

Oh my, yes it is the New Year - 2005 to be exact.
Now - do I really want it to be the new year? Yes, considering the insanity that was involved in 2004, sure.
Had to go back to work today. I am once again avoiding writing a final exam by typing on my blog. Hmmm, great idea.
Reading other peoples blogs. Matt - Tales of a Shrink - I'll warn you - if you consider yourself rather conservative, you might not want to visit his blog. I enjoy it greatly though - having lived in "Fashionable Ferndale" myself. I met Matt on New Year's eve at Carrie's house. She is rather slow about updating her blogs. She worked for John Kerry's campaign, so check her blog at your own risk. She has great stories, when she remembers to blog. It's been a while.

Welcome to the blog - those of you who finally now have the address, because of my x-mas cards. I printed some pictures (sorry to those who didn't get them) for the first 30 cards I mailed. I was out of ink and way out of time for the rest of the cards. (Opps, I remembered I have a couple more cards to send - now that I got some actual addresses.)
If you didn't get a holiday card and you want one, let me know. I have more - I was missing some addresses. Yes, it is a wedding picture.

Our holidays were great. I want to thank everyone who made an effort and we were able to see you. We saw family at Aunt Pat's house on Christmas eve, and then toured Mike's house and Tom's rents house on Christmas.
Then, our house got cleaned - but not finished - and we actually had people over for dinner. Schawna and Mike put up with us on Monday. Rich, Heidi and Alex visited on Wednesday, and Paul and Michele came by on Thursday night. We crashed the fun at Carrie's on Friday and were total bums over the New Years weekend, becoming more depressed by the minute because of work TODAY.

So, I hope you wasted some time today reading my blog instead of working. Because that is what you should do, at least for a few minutes.
Take care.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and we'll see you around.

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