Thursday, January 20, 2005

Oops, I got busy with EQ2 again....

Hi all, ummm, long time no blog. I can not believe how behind I am.

Well, I checked out Naarah's blog and realized that wow, she has posted more than I have in the last 3 weeks. That is Bad.....
Ok, stuff from Naarah's blog must comment on. Found the quiz page -
More cool things for your blog at Blogthings
Took a few quizzes. I hate the answers you have to answer the questions with.. ugh
Anyway - I have linguistic intelligence. Hmm. I could have told you that one.
My element on first look is Earth, then I went back for the other answers I like and got Fire. Earth works for me, accept for the description that went with it.
The Soul quiz said that I am a Visionary soul and am compatible with an Old Soul or a Peacemaking soul. I think that describes Tom...
Then I hit the number quiz and found out I'm Loyal - hmm what a surprise and they rate me a 6. Not that I understand that.
I was going to put up here the list they have for "you are addicted to Buffy (the Vampire Slayer), but that list was even too much for me. First - it was too long. Second - most of it wasn't funny. Third - they went overboard - saying things like "you are considered a stalker by the cast." and Fourth - who ever wrote it, doesn't know enough about the cute things from the show.
What's up in life? Let's see. Tom and I finally put together all the bedroom pieces. We now have bedside tables, a tall skinny dresser, and a short fat dresser. Some clothes have made their way into the drawers. Still working out what goes where. I need to get bolts to put the headboard on correctly. I think I might not need to swap the frame out with mom. Ours may be ok, her mattress must have been much thicker than ours.
Snow, I am tired of it. I have been hiding in the basement a lot, ignoring that it is outside. Playing Everquest 2, you can say all you want about it, I like it. It is great for playing by myself. I don't feel pressured to "find a Group" all the time and when Tom wants to play, then I go back him up. I spend a lot of time "Making stuff", I haven't made any money doing that yet. But that is ok. I keep finding things that other people want, and that is doing me very well in the money department. Ok, enough about a game.
Work - That is the school thing right? I guess you can say it is going ok. We just started the new semester and so, I am trying to get the students to re-evaluate their goals. Ha ha. Actually, I am trying to get them to realize that if they do their homework, they might just pass my class.
I have some students who have come back from hospital stays, long suspensions and other things. They are acting like I have to spoon feed them stuff. Not going to happen. They are supposed to come talk to me, I very much doubt that is going to happen. I failed one, and will probably fail 2 others very shortly. I am not going to wait around for them to do past work.
PLAY - They want me to put on a play. They even got someone to write the script so that we don't have to pay for one. The problem is, that they are not planning to give me time to actually work with the students. Ok, sure I know I'll have to spend my own time on this. BUT - my problem and most of the teachers here agree with me. Our school day is SUPPOSED to end at 2:30pm. It says it in all the hand books, in all the paperwork that they gave us at the beginning of the year.
Instead they force us all to stay until 3:30pm WITH STUDENTS, everyday. We have been given back our first hour classes, and are forced to try to teach them something - after they and us (the teachers) have become so worn out. 7:00am to be here, 7:30 am in class until 3:30pm in class - is pushing it. The students do not get a choice, they have to stay here until 3:30pm. I think that sucks. SO, now they changed things this semester and we don't have clubs and as far as I can tell - they want me to stay even later everyday to do the play.
I'm already NOT being paid for the extra hour that we are actually just BABYSITTING the students, and now I have to stay After that to do the play. If I had that 2:30 to 3:30 to work with students for the play - we might have a deal. I don't care how much money they are giving me compared to last year. I can still make more in another district.
Tom - Home sick today. Probably playing Everquest 2. He needed a day off. It just helps to show how badly they need to switch out the girl who is trying to be his line leader. Oh, she is just bad. She called at 5am bugging Tom about how to fix something. She should know how to do that already. ugh poor Tom.
Basement - Did you know we are lazy? Yep, the basement. Well, it's still there, we now have TiVo, and ummm. That's about it. No, we have not trashed it. I still need to move my computer, Tom is banishing me to upstairs. I have to get cables to finish that. I have to admit though, we have done more work on the house in the last 7 months, than we have done the entire time we have lived there. I think it will be 5 years this summer. I think we moved in July of 2000. Not, to say I never did any work outside. I think that is where I usually start. Have to clean up the flower beds again. ugh (and get the sprinkler sys working again.)
Ah, life in a house.

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