Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Darn, I have to work

Hi all,
It seems we had a little bit of a power outage at work. Ok, it was out almost all weekend. hee hee

So, "no work for you." Actually all the teachers stood out on Outer drive yesterday morning letting the parents know that we were closed. All we needed were some signs and we could have had a good picket going.

You ask, so what did you do with your day.....
I tried to read some for work, I thought about lesson plans and then had to take Paul to get a drug test. WOOT
Yup, they gave Paul an ok Salary. So, yesterday - I was out helping Paul find an apartment. We were all up and down Pontiac trail. If you have ever been down the stretch between Wixom and Walled Lake, there have to be 8 or more properties on the south side of the road alone. We stopped at I think 6 yesterday. I think Paul picked one out. Works for me.
Crazy man wants 3rd floor though. ewww.

I was beat by the time we got home. I was not dressed for the heat. oh well.
Have a fun day. Back to work. eww
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