Sunday, September 11, 2005

Oh another Monday here we go

Paul is here and trying to prepare for the insanity of the first day back in the classroom.
I am trying to ignore the fact that I have lesson plans to finish for the week.

I finished reading Of Mice and Men, thanking everyone for how short it is. I started reading The Joy Luck Club, in preparation of my first group book talk in class.
Yep I am back in school myself and trying not to lose my cool.

Not that I don't enjoy being in school, I just hope I don't drop the ball anywhere, and I have a big feeling that it is about the happen. Too much going on at once.
Although, You can ask Tom or Paul, I read almost 2 chapters in My new Text book for class and finished the first novel and tried to start my first paper. Sunday - not just for ignoring lesson plans anymore. Now- add personal homework to that list. I thought I did good today..

Back into the grind I go.
wish us luck.
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