Thursday, September 08, 2005

I was wondering....

Hey -
Now, I know in Florida you can't turn around near the water ways without running into alligators or crocs, or whatever.
SO, what crossed my mind this morning while I was 1/2 awake waiting for the alarm to go off was - are there any predators of that nature in Louisiana or Mississippi????
I can sort of image that they might not want to go near New Orleans because the water is so disgusting and even animals have more sense than we do in those situations. But what about the other regions? I know a lot of the water has subsided back to the gulf, but what is left?

I know, couldn't I be thinking of something more constructive? I heard an interesting report on NPR about the Live Oaks in New Orleans and the surrounding area. They have a society and all the oaks have names. It seems unfortunate that many will not survive the water - mostly due to the polutions they are guessing. Of course I also heard the story about how New Orleans is sinking. Hmmm Not much of a surprise there.

Well, off to deal with the aftermath of the power going on and off in the school building yesterday. We have a meeting at 7:30. Oh there she goes on the P.A. Later
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