Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Piggie Update

I know, forever talking about Guinea Pigs.....

But this is important. I own a Guinea Pig that is Allergic to HAY.
What could be more depressing than that?
I took Winslow to the vet and he was wheezing when I got there. Hmm, he had been fine before hand. Well, he rode in a carrier filled with HAY. We checked his white blood cells in his snot. At least we only stuck a slide on his nose this time.
He had allergy cells. FIGURES.

I have to change his type of hay, and shake out all the little loose stuff, especially the Dust.
As long as he doesn't lose weight again, he should be ok.

School - ok I have like 2 weeks left of College classes and major projects to do. DON'T invite me out. Too many things to do. I think I have to go to Detroit to actually get some work done. ewwww
Talk to you later, I have to run.
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